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Have you been looking for a racquet to take you to the next level? Omega Sports is excited to offer the Boost Aero Rafa Tennis Racquet from Babolat. Whether you?re a beginner, picking up tennis again or looking for an effective frame that?s easy to play with, the Boost is made for you!


Here is what you are going to love about the Boost Aero Rafa Racquet.

  • Lightness: The Boost Aero racquet proudly represents the new generation, with an entirely graphite structure. This technology is used for the best tennis racquets and is very light, without compromising on robustness or life cycle.
  • Power: The Boost Aero racquet is specially designed with that in mind. A carbon fibre racquet that offers the extra power you need.
  • Manoeuverability: Designed to be light as well as balanced to avoid tiring your arm over time and to boost your chances of winning


Here is what our ACTIVE-PLAY Experts are saying

Head of Play, Mark Caudle, in our Triad Area neighborhood store says, Directly inspired by Rafael Nadal?s racquet, the Rafa boost will enable you to hit smashes, drop shots and aces with the ease of a champion.


What you need to know

  • Headsize: 102 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19
  • Weight Strung: 260 grams (unstrung)
  • Composition: Graphite


Want to know more about the Babolat Boost Aero Rafa Tennis Racquet?

Omega Sports is here to help get the right string onto your racquet. Ask our ACTIVE-PLAY Experts for more information about the Boost Aero Rafa Tennis Racquet or any of our Tennis Products.


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