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In the market for a new grip on your tennis racquet? Omega Sports is excited to offer the Syntec Pro Grip from Babolat. The Syntec Pro is the preferred grip on professional circuits by most Babolat players, who have trusted it for years. It?s for them that Babolat developed this absorbent grip, which offers direct contact with the edges of the racquet handle for added control.


Here is what you are going to love about the Syntec Pro Grip.

  • Absorption: If you sweat a lot when you play, you should definitely use an over grip, for even higher moisture absorption.
  • Feel: With its 1.9mm thickness, the grip is designed provide you with a very balanced feel, something not too direct and not too comfy either.
  • Control: With the Syntec Pro, you will have a greater control of your racquet thanks to its tacky feel improving the traction.


Want to know more about the Babolat Syntec Pro Grip?

Omega Sports is here to help get the right string onto your racquet. Ask our ACTIVE-PLAY Experts for more information about the Syntec Pro Grip or any of our Tennis Products.


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