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Want a 0% plastic, 100% Original shoe? Omega Sports is happy to offer the Jazz Court RFG from Saucony. With over 120 years behind us, the Saucony Jazz Court RFG is a big step toward a more sustainable future in footwear. Carefully crafted using only seven natural materials and zero plastic, we’ve blended classic shoemaking with modern manufacturing to create our most eco-friendly shoe ever. It’s proof that good things take time, and that we’re in this thing for good. Just seven raw materials for our most eco-friendly shoe ever.


*Women should size down 1.5 sizes for a better fit*


Here’s what you are going to love about the Jazz Court RFG

  • Made with only seven renewable eco-friendly materials: Cotton, jute, wool, rubber, wood, gardenia, and beet.
  • Beyond the renewable plant-based materials in this style, we were also sure to use humanely raised and sourced wool.
  • We used blue gardenia flowers to create the dye for the rich navy collar lining, and beet juice to stamp the sizing information on the insole labels.
  • Each step of the process was adapted to reduce energy and avoid chemical use. For example, using a baking trick, we replaced paint with a mixture of flour and water to mark stitching locations. Once stitching is complete, the water evaporates, and the dried flour dusts off to reveal the finished product.
  • The gum rubber outsole is a hallmark of classic court shoes, and being a natural material, it had to be incorporated into the Jazz Court RFG. We sourced 100% Lactae Hevea (milk from the rubber plant). Daily use and exposure to the elements cause its appearance to gradually evolve, making each pair more unique over time.
  • We employed a true sidewall stitch to attach the upper to the midsole without the use of synthetic adhesives, so while the shoes are durable, they won’t last forever. Which is exactly what we intended.
  • We replaced pen or marker with chalk to naturally mark and align the shoe’s upper and midsole before attaching them together.
  • We designed a more sustainable and shippable shoebox for this style using 100% recycled cardboard and no ink, so be sure to look for subtly embossed branding. The shoebox label is made of kraft paper with soy-based ink.
  • To further minimize packaging materials, the shoes will ship without paper stuffing—just a 100% recycled cardboard “S” divider to help keep their shape in transit.


What you need to know

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Want to know more about the Saucony Jazz Court RFG?

Omega Sports is here to help customers get into the right shoes. Ask our ACTIVE-PLAY Experts for more information about the Jazz Court RFG or any of our Saucony shoes. Stop by any of our neighborhood sports stores to be properly fitted with our advanced foot scanning technology. Scannings are always quick, easy, and free.